MegaDice Bitcoin Affiliate Program

By referring players to us, you will earn a 10% revenue share directly into your account. Each time a player you referred rolls the dice, your account balance will be instantaneously rewarded with 10% of any losses, and penalised with 10% of wins. The earnings are put in your account real time, and you can withdraw earnings at any time you choose. You can create any number of accounts if you want to play on a separate account or have more than one affiliate account.

All accounts MegaDice accounts are assigned an affiliate URL and by placing a link on your website, blog, signature or similar. When someone arrives to MegaDice from this link, they are tagged to your account and you earn a share from their rolls.

If you run a big site or don’t want to use the affiliate link for some reason, we can enable “clean linking” and assign one or several domain names to your account. If so, any player that arrives to MegaDice from your domain(s) willl be tagged to your account even if the affiliate link is not used. To have clean linking enabled, please email us and tell us where you are linking to us and your affiliate id. Please put “Affiliate Application” in the subject. We will review your domain or marketing proposal and reply soon. If a referral link on a domain that tagged to an affiliate is used, the tag in the link takes precedence.

You can verify that your link or domain is tagged correctly by opening a new incognito or private and clicking your link in order to be assigned a new account on MegaDice. You will see the new account being listed in your affiliate page. You can also place some bets with the new account and verify that you receive the rev share properly.