How To Play

The Off Chain (Session Based) Game

To play, first deposit funds to Your Personal Deposit Address. You need to wait until the transaction gets a confirmation before the balance becomes available to place bets (or withdraw).

  1. Set the Bet Amount.
  2. Adjust the Profit on Win, Roll Under to Win, Win Chance, Payout or the bet slider. The remaining bet parameters will automatically updated and you will see which number you have to roll under in order to win.
  3. Click Roll Dice, and a number between 0 and 65535 will be rolled.

If you lost, the bet amount will be taken from your balance. If you win, the Profit on Win will be awarded to your balance. Bets will be returned in 0.02 sec, but it will take some more time before the animation is completed and you can see if you won or not.

Tips, if you have a small screen, you can zoom down the page to 75% and still see everything properly. How to do this depends on the browser you use but on Chrome you can zoom by holding down left Ctrl and moving up or down with the mouse wheel.