MegaDice Statistics & Historical Data

The data on this page is updated on page refresh, but some data may be cached up 24h.

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The Global Real-Time Stats

The global stats can be fetched by anyone at the URL You may need to add a ?callback variable to the URL if you're going to call the API from javascript. Here's the current data in an easy to read format:

MegaDice Game SatoshiSlot Game Total
Total Rounds Played: 9775045 115144 9775045
Total Bets: 12,810.72418580 662.58400000 13,473.30818580
Total Wins: 12,661.51441365 608.60231000 13,270.11672365
Rounds Played Today: 482 0 482
Bets Today: 0.32996148 0.00000000 0.32996148
Wins Today: 0.27639695 0.00000000 0.27639695
Biggest Win Amount (not taking bet amount in account): 100.20251512 65.37500000
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Daily Number of Bets

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Games Total Profit

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Total Rounds

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Dice Bets and Wins Totals

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SatoshiSlot Profit

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